Shenanigans is a circus performance for family audiences about the importance of playfulness, creativity and imagination throughout one’s whole lifetime. In Shenanigans, we follow the adventure of two characters going through a ritual to revive their inner children.

Through the series of juggling events, the characters playfully explore their relation to each other and their inner children. Ordinary toys, familiar to everyone, become the centerpiece of the performance. Through the manipulation of airplanes, toy tracks and an inflatable swimming pool, the performers invite the audience on a journey to reminisce about their own relationships to their inner children.

Shenanigans is an interactive performance in which the performers share their own childhood dreams in the hopes of inspiring people young and old to never let go of theirs.

Shenanigans is an ode to the inner child.

Quick info:

Duration: 50 min, max 2 x / day – Adapted 30 min version max 3 x / day

Language: Non-verbal

Target audience: Families, +6 years of age

Venue: Indoor – frontal- minimum 6m x 4m (width x depth) – free height minimum 4m

For more information about the show or access to a recording, don’t hesitate to contact Jam.Shenanigans via email or by telephone.

For booking inquiries inside Belgium, reach out to Koortzz:

Production behind shenanigans

Artists: Batist Van Baekel & Henri Kangas

Light Design: Batist Van Baekel & Jaakko Sirainen

Outside eyes: Sander De Cuyper, Michael Zandl & Aurelia Brailowsky

Co-produced by: PERPLX (BE), CIRKLABO (BE), CIRCUSSTAD (NL), Itujen katselmus (FI)

Supported by: MAD-Festival (BE), TENT (NL), KORZO (NL), Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (FI)