Splash is a circus performance for outdoor settings. Splash is starting it’s creation in January 2024 with a premiere in May 2025.

With Splash, Jam.Shenanigans aims to share their love for comically absurd circus with the public. Splash invites the audience on an adventure towards an absurd dream world far away from everyday reality, where a swimming pool (the stage) filled with 25,000 balls stands at the center, and where water sports form the starting point for a juggling feast.

With Splash, Jam.Shenanigans wants to promote healthy craziness as a counterbalance to a polarising and self-deprecating society. With Splash, they want to stimulate the audience’s imagination and push forward the beauty of a youthful spirit. This is all done through object manipulation, physical theatre and visual illusions, topped with a good dose of Jam.Shenanigans humor and silliness.  

Splash is supported by as of March 2024:

De Vlaamse Overheid (BE), PERPLX (BE), Miramiro (BE), Dommelhof (BE), MAD-Festival (BE), Circusnext Finalists (EU)

Distribution: Je Buro (emma@jeburo.be)

For more information about the show don’t hesitate to contact Jam.Shenanigans via email or by telephone.